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You’ve got love, share

share, lve

If I’ve love, I’d share, share,

Share it like a share in business,

As gusto to boost others’ shares,

As a zest to shed my selfishness,

And to show I really got love.


If I’ve love, I’d share,

As I hate to hear: “I love you,”

As anyone can say this watchword,

But not everyone can share love –

Share such a sacred gift with anyone.


If I still have love, I’d share,

I’d dish it out and not ditch it,

As I know they’re lots out there,

With broken hearts, and are in need,

Just of someone, to share even a hug.


If I really have love, I’d share,

I’d plant it in someone’s heart,

And groom and guard it to grow,

And handle it with kid gloves,

With the hope that it shall flourish,

Flower in the heart of someone in need.


If I really have love, I’d share,

I’d share it like a bouquet of flowers

Just to light a smile on a sad face,

As a smile in the heart can bring light,

Brighten lives and spring hope, even,

Where there is hardly hope at all.







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