Team work needed

“Whether you like it or not, we make life difficult to others by hiding simple steps that can improve our life as a team.”

 -Iggy Mizuh

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Posted by on November 6, 2015 in News Analysis


Let it be t-gender


They want it their way,

You think it’s your way,

I link it to my own way,

Let it be, anyway.

I can see a blue sky

You say it reflects red in sea

Let’s take it, Red Sea anyway

Normal, nowadays, is the norm

Norm even for our abnormal

I saw you grew up as pink, angel

Pink, you disliked for blue, boy

Let it be my blue, you’re blue.

I say it’s hard, to accept change

You say it’s with our hearts

That we embrace change

Let it be hard, we’d take heart.

Mum said you were born Georgia

You shrugged off the appellation,

To be known and called George.

Who am I, to judge you!

Let it be you, George, the judge.

Dad calls you his butterfly

That you’re his sunshine

As you want to fly as princess

Thought you were mum’s prince

Mum’s blue-eye boy at birth.

Let it be, as you see yourself

Larva mutates to be butterfly

As the sunrises, it takes off flying

If by enjoying flights and light,

The butterfly mortifies larva

Let it be anything, anyhow.

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Opinion or onion

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but be careful when the opinion becomes onion and enters everyone’s eyes including yours.”

– Iggy Mizuh

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Just who I am


I’m sick, but seek to be myself,

Since it’s sin to be someone else.

I’m one, who wants to possess…

That’s pot what’s mine.

That I know is my might

Still, not silly, I doubt this mint

Still, when I steal the show,

Even kids, no kidding, see my best

I’m unique, that I can’t deny,

But when they say:

“You’re a model!”

“You’ve inspired me!”

You’ve to grab it, greet it.

It defines who I am,

If I remind myself, to be me-self

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True friend

“A friend is not the one you’re looking for to be there always, but the one who can envisage friendship in you, even without knowing you.”

Iggy Mizuh

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My fault, my forte


My intention was to share affection

And not to afflict hearts

My desire, was to dish out love

And not to stir up lust

Shame, it often doesn’t work out.

Although I shed tears of love,

It’s often mistaken for fake.

Then, my delicate and dedicated,

Heart of Roses end up being jilted.

With anger, anguish and disgrace,

All ranted at me,

My intention became tension,

My flower withered with the heat

My blossom – brightness – faded.

But my seed, my sacred heart of love,

Remained alive to alight with lore again.

Reminding me of my forte,

But to accept my fault

By nature, my seed will sprout

Even with storms and thorns

With light it shall shoot, spring

And then bear bare bud.

As one never knows,

Someone would be there.

There, again to pluck my Roses.

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Posted by on September 29, 2015 in News Analysis


messenger with messages

“They may refuse or argue everything you say, but they’re yet to grasp the fact that you’re just the messenger and not the message.”

Iggy Mizuh



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Posted by on September 29, 2015 in News Analysis

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