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New king born to the United Kingdom


It is not a secret any more, if Prince Charles cannot be the next king or the next to the throne or any of his two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, then a new king has been born today.

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy, the third in line to the throne, today according to an announcement from the Kensington Palace, as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are both delighted with the new arrival.

Although the baby was slightly overdue, the whole kingdom is happy for Will and Kate as messages of congratulation continue to flood in from all corners of the world.

Hurray!!!!!! Long live the new born King

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Millions pray as Mandela fights for life


As Nelson Mandela, 94, spends his second day in hospital for another lung infection millions upon millions of prayers have be sent and said the world over to wish him a speedy recovery.

Since taken to hospital on Saturday morning, Madiba, the former president of South Africa and winner of the 1993 Noble Peace Prize was said to be in a serious but stable condition.

With no further information disclosed since then it is rather speculated that Mandela might be fighting for his life as the entire nation holds its breath.

President Jacob Zuma has called upon his fellow South Africans to pray for the freedom fighter as prayers were offered in most churches across the country today for his recovery.

Nevertheless, there were also divided opinions in the South African press and public.

Some people believed it was time to let Mandela to die peacefully, while other admirers preferred that his family should instead be given privacy to spend the last moment with the anti-Apartheid hero.

Some of the newspapers in South Africa carried headlines such as:

“Nation holds its breath”

“It’s time to let him go”

Whether Mandela makes it home again or not from the Pretoria hospital, the million and one question many must be pondering at the moment, is how would all his millions of supporters and admirers across the world including even world leaders going to cope living a life without him.

In his sick and fragile state Mandela still commands respect and admiration, especially for his endurance and self-sacrificing effort to succumb to tortures and torments for 27 years in jail just fighting for the freedom of his own people.

A course, which he proudly said he was ready to defend even at the cause of his life.

“During my lifetime I have dedicated my life to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideals of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for, and to see realized. But My Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

  – Mandela’s speech in court when charged under the Suppression of Communism Act and facing the death penalty, 20 April 1964.

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Cameroon’s Akono pushing it too far


Barely a fortnight after being sidelined with the scout for another coach, interim coach of Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions, Jean Paul Akono has again spoiled the pudding before the eating.

Instead of trying to win back the confidence of his recruiters or bosses to secure the job permanently, he has hurryingly published the list of pre-selected players even when his fate as a head coach is unguaranteed.

Without considering the fact that he has or almost lost his job, by asking for a heavy pay package, Akono controversial list of players is said to be for a friendly and  two World Cup qualifier matches next month.

Since the Ministry of Sports advertised the post of a head coach, then Akono came out of the woodwork to express his anger, and refused to file in his own application for the job, it was clear-cut evidence that he has lost his authority as the interim coach.

To take the bold step, by bypassing the ministry, to publish a list of players to be called up for camping is as if, he is imposing himself as the “untouchable” coach at the moment.

If the Cameroon football federation, Fecafoot says Akono’s list is invalid, then he must surely have been ruled out for the luxurious position.

Fecafoot doesn’t recruit coaches, but are oblige to work with them once appointed or recruited by the Ministry of Sports that equally pays the salaries.

For Akono to safeguard his job, he has to cooperate with the federation and also to produce the results.

Experienced coach, bad advisers

Across Cameroon, nobody doubts Akono’s personal profile as a football expert with high esteem and achievement.

Although he has not made any great success with the Indomitable Lions in his previous sojourns as coach, he can at least fly his own kite to be the first coach from Africa to have led Cameroon to win the Olympic Games gold medal in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

A former player of the national team, Akono has the savoir-faire to turn round the tables, especially at the time when Cameroon football has been on the downturn.

However, he seems to be losing his head or is being robot-controlled by some greedy mates or friends who are anxious to benefit from his earnings and careless about his job or career.

There is no doubt that he is still the man, just right for the post, but he must transmute his absurd attitude and wait for bureaucratic duty to be fulfilled as well as respect his bosses and working partners.

There is no need creating grudges with individuals because he desperately needs the job, since, whether he finally lands a permanent contract or not, it is obvious that when another foreign coach is sacked, he would always be called up to fill the vacancy.

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Nigeria at the brink of another civil war


It’s time to take the fight to Boko Haram

The series of sporadic attacks and killing in Northern Nigeria started by the Islamist militant group, Boko Haram since 2010, seem to be out of hand pushing the country into probably another deadly civil war after that of the Biafra in the 60s.

In response to recent clashes that caused the lives of 53, President Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in three states in North East Nigeria.

Borno, Yoke and Adamawa are the three states said to have been heavily affected by ferocious hostility between the group and the Nigerian Army.

According to the order imposing the curfew, President Goodluck said that the intensity of the fighting and resulting casualties have called for a need for extraordinary measures to be taken.

These measures could be to secure the lives of the civilian population trapped in the battle between the Nigerian Army and the militant groups.

With troops on the ground finding it hard to defeat an enemy difficult to identify, extraordinary measure could equally means sending more troops, logistics and machinery for vast and lengthy operations.

It is not known if the state of emergence means the Federal government has now officially declared war against the hardliner Boko Haram that have been rendering lives difficult for both the Abuja government and the local populations.

Boko Haram as eminent threat

Malians can at least breathe air of relief that their country is free from tyrant Islamic Jihadists, but Boko Haram must be tackled to flush out other fleeing militants, as France has withdrawn its troops.


With the Nigerian group believed to be linked with Al Qaeda, there is no way; Nigeria should be left alone to fight and win a war against these militants. Boko Haram insurgents have carried countless attacks in Northern Nigeria, kidnapped foreigners and have caused the death of about 2000 – both Christians and Muslims.

After the success of the campaign in Mali led by the French, there is severe need for another super power to take the bold step and back Nigeria.

The cost of planning another tactical campaign tailored for Nigeria would definitely and evidently going to be huge.

However, with the local people being terrorised nearly daily, and the Nigeria military struggling to overpower or curtail the insurgency that has already spilt over to Northern Cameroon there is no time to think twice.

The longer it takes to come out with an initiative for an international campaign against Boko Haram, the wilder the group would become and the more complicated it shall be to stop them overthrowing even the government in Abuja.

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World finally embraces Somalia after two decades


We’re hungry and angry with the world

Leaders from countries around the world and humanitarian organisations will be gathering today in the British capital city, London to discuss the future of Somalia abandoned and ruined by wars for two decades.

The longed-for London conference will provide a forum for the invited head of states and influential economic and political pundits to debate and set aside strategic policies to rebuild Somalia again from its ashes and rubbles.

Although the cries and agonies of the Somali people could be said to have finally been heard, the need to fight world terrorism; tackle piracy and to provide food and shelter to the thousands of victims of drought in Somalia cannot be underestimated.

Declared a “failed State” since 1991 with no central government that has control and authority over the whole country, Somalia had disintegrated then fragmented into almost irreparable pieces along clan lineages.

Some regions like Somaliland went back to its original status and declared itself to be an independent state.

Puntland became a semi-autonomous state, and the rest of the southern region very fertile and considered the breadbasket of Somalia became the battlefield before being seized by Al Shabab said to be affiliated to Al Qaeda.

No time to delay again

Participants in today’s conference would not only look at new methods to help the UN and AU backed Somali government confined only to Mogadishu become fully operational, but equally to revise the other strategies that have repeatedly failed to yield fruits of peace.


There is time to destroy and time to rebuild

However, the misunderstanding and killing which forced the US and the UN to finally withdraw from Somalia in March 1995, leaving Somalis only with anger and contempt should not be push under the carpets.

Almost twenty years seems a very long time, but the Somalis divided and left in the wilderness still need to be convinced that any reconstruction and reconciliation plans have the people at hearts.

The crisis or conflicts in Somalia did not just started after General Mohammed Siyad Barre was chased from Mogadishu in January 1991 but rooted in the colonisation scramble, and has remained very complicated to resolve.

Although the pitiless Siyad who started all the troubles finally went to exile in 1992, he left behind a region, southern Somalia after the breakaway of Somaliland and Puntland, wracked by famine and starvation.

Today’s meeting might not answer or provide all the solutions to the future of a New Somalia, but at least would lay the foundation for more talks and raise the current crises of hunger, poverty and unemployment.


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No safe place for “wanted Francoise Bozize”


Francoise Bozize thinking of next escape route

Central African Republic’s ousted president Francoise Bozize would be under pressure to flee from Cameroon where he has been on self exile, as the Seleka coalition government now wants him for charges against human right abuses.

According to Arsene Sende, the country’s justice minister, the former head of state committed lots of atrocities during his time of office and also on his last days in clashes with the rebel s.

Bozize’s presidential guards are alleged to have assassinated 119 people and also responsible for the death of Colonel Charles Massi a former minister and head of a political party.

I f these crimes among other committed by Bozize are verifiable with substantial evident this could make a good case for the International Criminal Court, ICC, which Central African Republic is a signatory.

Having himself snatched power through a coup on 15 March 2003, Bozize would surely find it hard to defend himself from all these charges, and if arrested might likely end up in The Hague.

The Hague based international court has the mandate to try individuals and not States and to hold such persons accountable for the most serious crimes – crime of genocide, war crime, crime against humanity and crime of aggression – which are all of concern to the international community as a whole.

Bozize hastily quitted power when the Seleka alliance rebel groups captured Bangui last 24 March accusing him of failing to respect the terms of an earlier peace accord signed with them to prevent any further advancement towards the capital city.

In the last and fierce battle to unseat the regime, 13 South African troops were killed as rampant looting became the order targeting homes and offices of Bozize’s officials with most of the appalling act carried out by the rebels.

In his hideout in neighbouring Cameroon, Bozize accused Chad for helping the rebels to topple his government – a government that has been for years hanging on the edge with the support of foreign troops.

With Cameroon just next door to Bangui, Bozize must be having a sleepless night on where next to escape before his enemies close in on him.


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Kidnapped, French family freed in Cameroon


All seven freed today

Seven members of a French family kidnapped by a Nigerian militant group have been handed over to Cameroon government today, all unhurt and in good health.

The family kidnapped on 19 February in the Waza national park of Far North Cameroon – included a worker of GDF Suez, his wife, four children and an uncle – was on a safari trip.

In a  recorded message passed on to French radio, Radio France Internationale, RFI, a month later, the head of the kidnapped French family has pleaded to Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to negotiate for their release, especially that of the  four children said to be living under unbearable conditions.

According to the radio message, a man believed to be the family head or father, Tanguy Moulin-Fournier pleaded directly to President Biya to let go the men arrested in Cameroon so that they could also be set free.

A  French authority had openly declared earlier that the French government would not pay any ransom to the militants in exchange for their release.

A counter-release posted online disclosed the militants’ rejection to any offer to talk with the French, which they said were enemies of Islam, leaving only Cameroon to initiate any probable deal.

With the will, but no skilled manpower or means to approach the militants, Cameroon government had no choice but to dig deep to rescue the hostage without any loss of life or casualties.

Cameroon had the challenge

At the time when the French government was overburdened by the operation in north Mali, while also trying to rescue its citizens taken hostage by various Islamic groups or runaway jihadists from the Middle East, any French ally who had offered a helping hand would obviously had be welcomed.


The family’s vehicle was abandoned after it got stuck

Biya was put under pressure to negotiate a deal or lead any operation for the release, first to keep his Franco-Cameroon relationship intact and secondly to save his face in front of other African countries.

As a sovereign state, the government of Cameroon equally needed to act promptly to defend its territory, its citizens as well as national interest and pride.

The French community in Cameroon is quite huge, and for them to feel secure and at home, Biya’s government had to prove to them that they can rely on them for safety, starting with the rescue of the French family with very young children.

How the family was released or whether any ransom was offered is of no importance, but the job that all seven were freed in good health.


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