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spend wisely

It’s expensive when you have too much to spend. And harder when you don’t know how it works.

Iggy Mizuh

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Believe, it’s possible

It’s only impossible when you think of it, but when you really want it and believe in it then the impossible just becomes possible.

                                                    ….Iggy Mizuh

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You’ve got love, share

share, lve

If I’ve love, I’d share, share,

Share it like a share in business,

As gusto to boost others’ shares,

As a zest to shed my selfishness,

And to show I really got love.


If I’ve love, I’d share,

As I hate to hear: “I love you,”

As anyone can say this watchword,

But not everyone can share love –

Share such a sacred gift with anyone.


If I still have love, I’d share,

I’d dish it out and not ditch it,

As I know they’re lots out there,

With broken hearts, and are in need,

Just of someone, to share even a hug.


If I really have love, I’d share,

I’d plant it in someone’s heart,

And groom and guard it to grow,

And handle it with kid gloves,

With the hope that it shall flourish,

Flower in the heart of someone in need.


If I really have love, I’d share,

I’d share it like a bouquet of flowers

Just to light a smile on a sad face,

As a smile in the heart can bring light,

Brighten lives and spring hope, even,

Where there is hardly hope at all.







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Take challenge

“A real friend would challenge you to take a challenge and stay with you to sail through the challenge.”

Iggy Mizuh



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Bin, I’ve been


It’s a bin, but my bread & butter

Ah! Yes, it’s another doubtful, dawn

And it’s yet another murky morning

With no money for tea, milk – breakfast.

People proudly queue up for tasty breakfast

They order, pay, collect and munch

Yummy, yummy, my mouth waters,

As I stare, salivate and starve

No money, all mornings

I’m hungry, angry, but ever ready,

Ready to race to the bin

Not for crumbs, if any at all,

But for empty disposable teacups

The stickers I peel from these cups

I trade them for tea or hot water and sugar

All eyes, as I stir the bin with my bare hand

No remorse, not stealing, as I’m not alone

We all keep an eye on this same bin.

You call it bin, to us; it’s bread & butter

It’s our life; we’re living from the bin.








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The path of past


My past is my path today

My part in the past is pegged

Past or history, is gone, but it’s my gong

My sounding bell of deeds and misdeeds

Things I’ve done, great or regret

Sometimes, I wish I could change the past

Times, I wish I was revisiting the past today

This time, I wish I could cherry-pick the path

It’s the past; it has passed, leaving the path.

Many leaves litter my peaceful path like park

Many benches, bearing loved memories

Many paths as ponds to puddle,

Many pages to peruse and ponder

Then, left, are footprints, fingerprints

On the paths in the park for the past

When I’m gone leaving behind, the gong

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I’m gone, no regrets


I came here to help and hail as hero

I came to show what I have, and share

As a hero I exuded my passion and patriotism

I thought I was exemplary at what I do best.

As often the case, some saw me as a role model

And some saw me rather as a peacock.

Elegant at what I don and eloquent at what I say,

I instead attracted more hawks than doves.

The more stars I stacked, the more dark clouds, I stirred

Instead of being venerated as a hero,

I was patronised as a prisoner

It’s getting tougher, a sympathiser told me,

I grinned and giggled as we’re all in the same boat

Although, we’re just striving to feed our families,

We’ve ended up being hostages, worse than being beggars.

Like the sacrificial lamb, my luck ran out as I bowed out.

My lamp, my source of light also ran out of oil and extinct.

I am gone, and I have no regrets.

I still have my pride and price.

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