I’m gone, no regrets

07 Sep


I came here to help and hail as hero

I came to show what I have, and share

As a hero I exuded my passion and patriotism

I thought I was exemplary at what I do best.

As often the case, some saw me as a role model

And some saw me rather as a peacock.

Elegant at what I don and eloquent at what I say,

I instead attracted more hawks than doves.

The more stars I stacked, the more dark clouds, I stirred

Instead of being venerated as a hero,

I was patronised as a prisoner

It’s getting tougher, a sympathiser told me,

I grinned and giggled as we’re all in the same boat

Although, we’re just striving to feed our families,

We’ve ended up being hostages, worse than being beggars.

Like the sacrificial lamb, my luck ran out as I bowed out.

My lamp, my source of light also ran out of oil and extinct.

I am gone, and I have no regrets.

I still have my pride and price.

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