Not strange, I’m a stranger

14 Jul

Strange, that someone tries to demean you,
Sabotage your goodwill, merely for greed.
Silly isn’t, that you’re taken for a Scrooge –
Scrounger, for taking a stance for fairness
Stand tall, to snatch your rights and ride on.
Strange isn’t, that you’re still fighting for Wright.
Strange people, strange events still happen.
Stronger are your roots,
Surely the wind won’t uproot you.
Strangers we all are, as travellers
Strangers we would all keep travelling.
Strangely, we still go by the wind’s will
Strangely we’re raised and downed by it
Strangers are we all at the wheels
Strangers, we would all end somewhere.
Sometimes, nowhere still with the wind.wind3

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Posted by on July 14, 2014 in Read


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