Help Luis Suarez, don’t hang him

26 Jun


World’s football governing body, FIFA has banned Uruguay and Liverpool’s forward, Luis Suarez for four months from all competitions for biting Italy’s defender, Giorgio Chiellini.
The sanction announced today has been received as too compassionate by some fans, while others have accepted it to be equated to the offence.
With the World Cup incident being the third in the career of the striker voted last season’s Best Player of the English Premier League, scoring over 30 goals just after serving suspension for another biting scenario, the worse might have happened – a life ban.
Whether the verdict is considered harsh or soft, the question still to be answered is whether the striker is suffering from an acute curse or is psychologically sick or having a mental disorder.
Having to watch the 2013 humiliating biting of Chelsea’s sturdy defender, Branislav Ivanovic, it was a shame and pity for the player who scored some world-class goals.
It was hard for fans to come to the terms of his act and let alone the ten games ban handed to him by the disciplinary committee of the FA.
Of course, the general cry was that Suarez needed help, and Liverpool and its mammoth’s fans stood by him during the suspension, though the disgrace was heavy to shoulder.
However, it remained unclear whether during the ban, apart from counselling from other teammates like his skipper, Steven Gerard; Suarez had any medical checks or treatments.
Although he tried to stir up another uproar, afterwards by trying to leave Anfield for Emirates with Arsenal, many forgave him, as he was classic on the pitch with results and no biting reports.

Reputation or success
To stay away without training with a team for four months would not only affect his career and empty his pockets, the worries would remain whether he has any remorse for all these three biting incidents and would learn not to bite anyone again.

As Suarez’s critics have now outclassed his fans, it is time to take his problem more seriously and seek medical help for him than be anxious to see him back on the pitch to score and end the dreams of ambitious clubs and countries like England.
Uruguay would have to continue the second phase of the World Cup without Suarez who has taking just a blink of any eye to transform from a hero – scoring twice to see off England , to a hyena biting his rival .
Although, Suarez’s misconduct is still quite worrisome, his firing power and talent are highly sought after by European football giants of the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Four months might look a long time, but what the striker could do after his return may be worth the waiting, although his disgrace would obvious affect his transfer tag price if Liverpool were to let him go.
On the contrary, Liverpool after finishing as the runners-up last season and would be back into European football, by playing in the UEFA Champions League Suarez remains their lifeline.
Liverpool’s management would have to deliberate before taking any decision, unless a good deal is offered for his serves, which could be used to sign other raw talents from South America and spare the club from continuous embarrassment.



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