Lions on tourism in Brazil2014!

01 Jun


Football flamboyant jamboree starts off in Brazil in eleven days time, but it seems clear that the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon drawn in Group A alongside hosts, Brazil wouldn’t put up anything better to South Africa 2010.

However, with a 2-2 tie against Germany today, that might change though it is hard to say the team would be up to real challenge in Brazil in barely days.

At least the fans of the Indomitable Lions could hope for something after today’s performance against a fearsome German side full of talents and big names in European football.

Four years back in South Africa, the Lions left the competition shaking heads with long faces, losing all three matches in the group phase, their worse ever performance in a FIFA World Cup.

Missing out in two consecutive African Nations Cup tournaments, Cameroon barley scooped a qualification ticket in a playoff against Tunisia.

Cameroon only moved top in its group in the qualifier after FIFA penalised Togo for using an unqualified player in the campaign, before beating Tunisia 4-1 in a two-leg playoff.

Since qualifying for Brazil2014, the team led by German coach, Volker Finke has been far from tactically and mentally convincing that it can go beyond the group stage.

Cameroon would need to beat Mexico and Croatia in their first two matches before preparing for the challenge against Brazil, the bookers’ favourite.

Apart from Samuel Eto’o Fils, the captain, who is participating in his fourth World Cup, the rest of the squad is full of surprises, which might even be more troublesome to all its opponents.

Although Cameroon remains the underdog in Group A, the tides might suddenly change in due course and the Lions might instead become the team to be beaten.

World Cup, being the utmost tournament that any professional footballer would want to take part to make a name or fame, all is possible even when it seems absolutely impossible.

Again for this to happen, the players must focus and not get carried away by the gorgeous Brazilian girls that would be omnipresent, especially at the beaches and in the stadiums.









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