Premier league’s title chase gets gripping

03 May


Since Manchester United lost its supremacy with the retirement of Sir Alex Fergusson, the English Premier league has never been the same as the race at the top and bottom has been too exciting all season.

About three weeks in succession, the focus has been on Liverpool and Steven Gerard being unstoppable and the undisputable title winners, especially after thrashing arch-rival and title contester, Manchester City.

But with Chelsea beating Liverpool at home 2 – 0 last weekend, it was hard to say if there was still hope as Manchester City still have a delayed  match at hand.

The hope of Liverpool fans has been that their neighbours in the same Liverpool city, Everton should do them a favour by hammering Manchester City.

However, it was not going to be easy for Everton to hold back City, especially with its plethora high calibre players, knocking hard for another title so soon after missing out last year.

Chasing the game from behind after Everton opened score, City finally found its pace and power and grabbed the three precious points of day beating Everton 3 -2.

At 80 points and +59 goal difference, and two more games to go, City players are now comfortable than before that they can still win the Championship.

For Liverpool the time at the helm seems over, but if they can win convincingly on Monday against a rejuvenated Crystal Palace side and then throw all their weight on the last day against Newcastle United, they can still be hope.

Hope if City is beaten in either of its two remaining matches, and Chelsea as well by one of the teams at the bottom fighting the bitter battle to shun relegation from the top flight football.

Unfortunately, it has not been a good season for all, as Fulham and Cardiff City are the first two teams to be relegated today.

Norwich City might just be playing for time to be the third team, but just as it is unpredictable at the top, they might still have a chance since the ball is round for anyone that can kick it well and score.



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