Liverpool poise for title fight

30 Mar

As the premiership’s season gets to an end before the June World Cup in Brazil, the race for the championship title has become more competitive.

However, the writings are already on the walls that Liverpool are the clear favourites with the team walloping visiting Tottenham Hot Spurs 4 – 0 at Anfield today.


With three other title contesters, Chelsea losing 1 – 0 to Crystal Palace fighting the battle to escape relegation, and Arsenal scooping a nervy draw with Manchester City, Liverpool’s win today has given the team hope to think of the title.

Playing as a team with every player offer just all to secure a victory and the goals are scored in numbers, it hard to think that anything can stop Liverpool now.

However, although Brendan Roger has revived the team with lots of young and talented players the success of the team so far seems to come from the team-spirit that has continued to keep the players and managers together.

As head coach, Brenda Rogers said today pressure for the title is now with the other contester, and not Liverpool.

For the glory days of Liverpool to be back, the team of skipper, Steven Gerard must make sure each match is played as final.

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Posted by on March 30, 2014 in News Analysis


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