Need for rituals to locate missing plane

14 Mar


Tomorrow would be exactly a week since the Malaysia Airlines vanished with 239 persons on board as the mystery to find it or trace its whereabouts continues.

However, since science has been unable to help us in this situation, unfortunately, we have no choice but to go spiritual or to follow natural forces if you like.

Spirituality in this context can mean any religious thinking, but the essence is to follow supernatural forces that can help us understand this unexplainable incident in this modern era of advanced technology.

Back to the plane and the missing 239, there is no way, we can imagine for once that the jet is still flying, and therefore it is not in space either.

Think of the size of the Boeing 777-200ER, which carries 227 passengers and 12 crew members; it can be at any airport around the region for all this time without anyone spotting or coincidentally noticing its presence.

Whatever the analyses, or calculations done relatively to the location, where the plane is believed to have lost communication, it is obvious that it has plunged into water.

In to the sea or ocean you may want to call it, but what about any debris or signs of high water level displaced by its mass?

Well, that is exactly what the disappearance has become a mystery, the one that is beyond human explanation or thinking.

Science versus religious thinking

Reflecting back to my early day’s physics, anything that goes into water must come out or would displace waters which are equivalent to its body density.


However, if when take a step further into metaphysics, if anything drops into water and cannot come out, then something needs to be done to get it out.

What can be done then, for the Malaysia Airlines to emerge out of water or to release debris to help find its location?

As a Christian, I believe prayers would do the miracles, but given the gravity of the incident and the number of lives involved, the prayers and the people praying would matter.

For miracles to occur, the faith of those praying and their belief to evoke the spirits to do the miracles must be spiritually strong and bonding.

Fishermen and other people who frequent the seas or oceans would be thinking of others forces that need to be appeased.

Marabous or people that practise Black Magic would tell you that unless sacrifices are done to the gods – whoever they are – the plane would remain under waters for as long as it takes.

The mystery continues as the search, but one thing is certain, from my thinking – that the jet is under water.

Let’s keep praying for the souls of the 239 and also for peace, comfort and healing for the family members, friends, relatives and sympathisers left with broken hearts.

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