You love or lie to me

16 Feb


Valentine’s Day just passed a few days ago, and many celebrated with partners or friends offering special treat. As often the case, not everyone celebrated because of poverty or finding nothing special about the day.

It is easy to say Valentine’s Day is so special for lovers or people in love since it is that day when the love reached apex or is fully expressed.

For serious lovers, one does not have to wait until it is 14 February to show love or offer a treat. To my understanding love, which is a natural gift to everyone, before becoming lovers or friends or couples, should be shared and showed daily.

In loved or dying for someone’s love, happiness is what everyone needs and should not be reserved for a particular day.

There is nothing wrong to follow the rest of the world to commemorate Saint Valentine’s Day by offering someone a bouquet of flowers, confectionery, and jewellery. But something is wrong when the gift is a smokescreen eclipsing lies and liars who disguised to be romantic lovers.


Obviously, there is something not right if the gift or treat is aimed at stirring a storm in someone else’s relationship. Resentful people would use Valentine’s Day to cause confusion or deceive individuals in need of love or a long, lasting affection.

A real relationship should grow from strength to strength every day, though it is hard to say there would hardly be a problem or misunderstanding.

Valentine’s Day should be that day when the two individuals in love should re-define their relationship so as to progress. Liars would obviously have no plan here or substance in the relations. Liars would be exposed or proved to be time-wasters or playboys.

 And true lovers or people in a courteous relationship would be thinking of plans to keep them bonded together – why not marriage or starting a family?

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, believe in the Saint or do not care about it, at some point in a relationship it is worth for people to talk, share a moment and plan for the future. Remember, there is nothing wrong in sending someone you admired or loved even in hiding a special gift or a plain greeting card on this day. But be genuine in your intension and move. Do not break eggs if you are not ready to make omelettes.



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Posted by on February 16, 2014 in News Analysis


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