Play the game, secure your job

07 Feb

Possessing multi-skills helps nowawadays

We’re already in the second month of the New Year, as the financial hardship is still to ease off, especially after all the lavish spending during the merry period, and the January crazy sales.

As we journey through February, the bills and credit card payments just keep coming, adding to the pressure to concentrate at work or expect a new contract or pay rise. The festive period, kept most employers and employees on their feet trying to meet demand from costumers or match competition in the market. While some companies made huge profits others got lost and have been forced to shut down.

Just like the weather today in the UK, which every time the Metro office predicts snow we instead have rain and lots of sunshine, nothing seems predictable. Having a job and keeping it is also another headache to worry about as managers and employers are becoming unpredictable. That’s to say if you have a job or post where job security is uncertain, you have to be careful with your dealing and performances. And if you’re the type of worker that like to dodge task or break roles, it time to change before you get caught.

Being punctual, putting up a bright face or demeanour and being ever ready to work without any supervision or order are just some of the few roles we’re supposed to observe, but are often neglected. At the time, when the number of applicants chasing a single place is almost a 100 folds, being complacent to perform can jeopardise once job.

Although the weather is not favourable to many workers and businesses, going sick and expecting to be paid is another grey area, employers make themselves vulnerable to dismissal. It is easy to stay at home and just send a text message to say you’re unwell. However, most of this dodgy employers forget to think about who is going to do their work. And if another person is offered the position, could there be any smokescreen left be exposed and probably cause the job.

Play the game, stay aboard

We don’t all need to be HR, human resources experts to know what employers are expecting, and when they can start behaving funny and fire workers, just like football coaches regardless of previous results and performances.


Be careful don’t get caught having siesta

I am sure, football managers would have a better story and experience to share, that one is paid for the job well done. And that when the results are not forthcoming when expected, sacking or cessation of contract, is not a bizarre decision or bitter pills to gulp down.

Wary of this bait attached to their lucrative wages, football managers never stop working even when the team is performing well, since any humiliation could dent past glories. If you have followed the English Premier League this year, you must have surely known the sacking of a few managers before it was officially announced.

As most businesses are struggling to keep their head above the water with the crisis, the pressure on the people at the top continues to double. Thus, when plan or policy doesn’t go well as expected, the people at the last echelon of the ladders carry all the weight and burden.

Make error once, learn

It’s practicable to continue repeating the same error without knowing simply because nobody has offered you training or tell you how to do it. Remember you were recruited because you said you have the skills.


Easy, now you’ve the balance, enjoy the ride

Don’t let yourself down if your skill is not good enough – research and don’t be shy to ask for help or observe what others are doing and ask questions. If you are working in an environment where lots of information iare displaced or pu up, use your break to read and follow them, since everyone is too busy to teach you every skill.

Again since you now receive a salary or wages, it is your responsibility to perform and don’t be humiliated when people are not willing to help you. Be quick to make friend and offer to help others, and you would be shown the secret to success and stay in the job.

Anger has never helped anyone, so don’t be a fool to give up the job.  Take the challenge instead and push yourself to the limit and the results would come with time. You only need patience to ride a bicycle and you need to discover how to balance before you can even think of paddling. Leaning on others would take you nowhere.

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