Eric Djemba reappears in Scotland

07 Feb

I’m here to enjoy football and help my team

Cameroon former international and Manchester United midfielder, Eric Djemba Djemba has taking many by surprise after joining little-known Scottish side, St Mirren with hope of gaining a place in Brazil 2014 World Cup.

At 32, Djemba who lost his stardom and form after failing to match expectations at Old Trafford then with Aston Villa, still believed he could rejuvenate his football career by offering his best for his new team.

Although the Cameroonian has found his new form playing his best football with FC Partizan Belgrade, Serbia, according to him, he had to end his contract after going for months with no salary.

Moving to Scotland on a free agent just at the verge of time before the end of the January transfer window, Djemba Djemba said he is no longer interested in big earning but rather in a place where he could enjoy football again.

“I enjoyed being at a big club, but I hope at St Mirren, I’ll play and enjoy myself with my new teammates,” he said just after signing his contract yesterday.

St Mirren might offer Djemba the luck to show off his football again, but with the team based in Scotland, the birthplace of Sir Alex Fergusson, his lamentable time under the manager cannot be swept under the carpets.

While critics say it was the greatest flop signing of Alex Fergusson, Djemba expressed mixed feeling saying his time at Manchester was punctuated with bad and good times.

“I was too young, just 21 when I joined Manchester United,” he said.


Scotland, here I come. Thanks for the offer.

Although it was difficult to replace Roy Keane who was injured at the time, at that age, Djemba said  he had the opportunity to trained and played with United household names like, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and of course Roy Keane.

Hardly can any news from the UK talk of Djemba without the mention of his difficult time at Old Trafford.

The former Cameroon international said that although he had difficulties handling his huge money at the time and pressure to perform, he has no regret of his time there.

Back again to the UK, and this time in Scotland, Djemba is dreaming of making an impact with St Mirren probably getting ready to be called to join Cameroon for Brazil 2014.

With a well travelled pedigree and trajectory, Djemba remains one of the big names ever signed for the SPL, Scottish Premier League club


I have no regret leaving Manchester United too soon

It is up to Djemba now to turn the tides by taking the opportunity given to him to woo the local fans and to prove many wrong as a former Manchester United greatest flop of all times.

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