Be kind to others, people

01 Feb


The temperatures are plummeting and the water levels augmenting as chill and inundation render life unbearable to most families, especially in North America and Europe.

Unfortunately or fortunately not everyone is feeling the effect or the pitch, thus, when those affected cry for help, the reactions from many of us is disheartening.

The bad apples would always be there, so are the good ones as well.

Today, a lady took me by surprise after noting that I was suffering from flu and was still trying to do my job. She joyously asked me if I wanted a cup of tea to keep warm.

My face fell and ears erected as I overtly expressed my disbelief of her kind gesture. Then reading my body language she stressed that she was serious to offer me a brew.

Not to make her feel bad or suppress this kind-heartedness, I thanked her so much for thinking and feeling for other people.

But I explained to her that I don’t need one simply for convenience. Although, that hot cup of tea was going to provide me some warmth, my worry was where to go for pee or to urinate.

As I continued my lonely, leisurely walk looking for ideas and appreciating nature – the wonders of creation – the phrase, “be kind to people”, kept recalling to me.

In times of crisis, like that of people left homeless, and cut off from the rest of the society and even country as storms and heavy snow batter, we ought to think.

Not because we’re lucky not to be in the affected area, but to share their feelings – be concerned.

Be part, feel it

As a community, we are supposed to help, share and show concern for others. I have tried my bit to show my sympathy to others.  Though not everyone seems to value my endeavours, this has never put me off or changes my guise.


Opting to offer a cup of tea to a stranger or water to someone you can visibly see to be thirsty is just another way to express kindness.

They might take it or refuse it, but a word of appreciation, is enough to encourage you to keep giving or offering to others.

We have watched storms shattered homes and hopes of people in East Europe, where poverty is also a problem.

However, although I can’t do anything from my location, I have supported charities, like UNICEF, appealing for funds to supports victims of these natural disasters. I am lucky today to be in a safe area, but I can’t say whether tomorrow the storms would change direction and come my way.

Kindness is that quality that I believe defines our character and makes us different. Offering a common cup of tea to someone suffering from flu doesn’t mean that person can’t afford one, but a gesture to show you feel for someone.

The message is simple, be kind to others and kindness would come back to you. Remember a broke person might not have a broken heart.

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