New Year, new yen

01 Jan


There we go, another year has come and the pressure starts right now after all the spending on celebration and gifts. However, if you start by planning on what to do, what goals to achieve and how to overcome hurdles and make it to the end, the journey through 2014 would at least be smooth.

Starting a new year without any plan or objective is like a hunter going to hunt without knowledge of the wood or forest and still expecting to come back with a catch. You don’t want to be lost in the wood or end up in a lake or on a cliff or even in the mouth of a wild beast.

Although 2013 is now history your way through this virgin year, 2014 would all depends on what you went through in the previous year. You must have been fortunate to make it to the end but under knotty conditions. You must as well had a very fabulous trip, getting a lucrative job, got promotion or made good business or even a blessed family.

A great year means, you have to work even harder to stay at the top, but a bad year doesn’t mean you are not sure of the future. It rather means you were simply overriding turbulence and this is the time to soar, cruise and go places. How far you go and where you end up can only be pre-determined on how much energy you’re ready to burn out. Don’t be complacent if you have already started off with ease for you’re never sure when the next obstacle is going to crop up. Like a soldier at war, always be ready to take on the enemy and move on and life through this year would be luscious.

It is easily said than done. But I believe it is good to have something to say than have nothing to think or share and to work on. Remember they would be many people on the trip like you and if in any case you’re still struggling, talk to someone, ask for help and offer help for those in need. Listen to those who have something to say and speak on behalf of the weak and suppressed.

Have a safe trip and remember to keep in touch with the blog community.

Have a great year!

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