We made it together

31 Dec


When this year started, I published the first article on this blog creating that bond between you and the mass of other readers across the globe. From nothing it has become something healing broken hearts, egging on people to embrace peace, thinking of the have-nots, children and the vulnerable in times of conflicts. We became so attached to each other in merriment as well as at gloomy period as a visual community that is willing to share, learn and offer something.

It was hard to dance to everyone’s tune or touch on every topic which was tropical but at least when the great stories broke out I tried my best to keep you informed or cut down the complex details to make sense on my news analysis slot. There were lots on politics and sports, but with your inspiration I started reaching hearts with some timeless reflections and finally poetry. With your comments and encouragement I kept the blog running and today, we can pat our backs to announce that our viewers clocked 3,126 with close to 1791 visitors across the world.

As we celebrate our first anniversary, the blog is going to take a new sharp shape with more pictures and articles to spice your day or give you something to ponder about or take home. To keep the community active two readers won the blog’s t-shirts and we have another one in the post for the best reader with the highest comments. Mind you, every effort you put to read or Click the Like button on our Facebook page or comment on a piece is noted.

If you think of anything we can do to keep the blog and community moving just drop us a mail, and if you have an event you want us to sponsor or do coverage, get in touch.

Not to take your precious time as you prepare to join the celebration for the dawn of 2014, all I can say is THANK YOU for the time, comments and contributions.


Cheers, and let the celebration begins…

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Posted by on December 31, 2013 in News Analysis


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