Gone, but not forgotten Mandela, my liberty

15 Dec


Nelson Mandela finally left us behind today to join our ancestors in the world beyond, but he shall never be forgotten and would live forever in our hearts, minds and thoughts as liberator, limelight of liberty.

We all have be grieving with mixed emotions since Mandela lost the battle of life and  gave off the ghost last week following months suffering from  lungs infection.

Some people have be mourning, others celebrating and another group mediating and reflecting on the journey to freedom of a man who devoted his entire life fighting for the liberation of his people and the rainbow nation, South Africa.

The queues were endless as people of all walks of life passed the casket to pay their last respect to Madiba, and the stadium was full to the beam during the memorial ceremony attended by leaders, friends and admirers across the world.

His burial today, was even more heartbreaking as we all witnessed with disbelieve as our source of inspiration disappeared as the coffin was lowered marking the end of a journey and a life full of memories and respect.

Tears flew, hearts sank, and heads bowed, but we all agreed even in disagreement that he has offered more than enough for our sake and needed time off and external rest.

My Mandela, my liberty

Tata, Madiba, went to jail for treason long ago before I was born and as I grew up, all I knew about South Africa, was Apartheid or a country were Whites were massacring Blacks and Nelson Mandela being in prison with the African National Congress, ANC, banned.

Then I happened to watch the film, portraying the life and struggle of South Africans in ghettoes and slums in Soweto and Mandela a little-known practising lawyer taking up the fight for their liberty.


How Mandela fought for his people and how he ended up in the Robben Island for 27 years made no sense to me as a teenager and pupil with South Africa isolated from the rest of the world.

However, when Mandela was finally set free, paving the way for the first democratic election in South Africa, I prayed for him to one day rule the nation even for a second before his death.

How the idea came into my mind, I don’t know, but I wanted him to at least garner the fruits of his struggle and endurance for a free South Africa for all.

Thank God, Mandela was voted the first Black president and ruled for five years and voluntarily retired then travelling the world preaching the sermon of reconciliation and forgiveness, while renewing lost ties with most world superpowers.

But Mandela pulled the crowds, drew attention and won hearts as Africa’s liberator – the one who had the courage – guts to challenge White supreme rule without dread.  

That’s to say for people who know Africa as a country, not continent, Mandela is the president and the only one who could speak and be listened.

Gone but not forgotten, Mandela would remain in our hearts and defend us, if we continue to follow his example and practise his principles of forgiveness and unity for all with freedom being our preamble.

Rest in perfect peace, our leader, teacher and source or wisdom.



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