Your time, turn will come

25 Nov

Don’t give up, your turn is coming

It’s shocking sometimes how our expectations are dashed leaving us broken or doubting about the future. Just of recently, I have watched with dismay lots of dramas folded and unfolded, as well as seen dark horses become champions or carry the day. That’s simply to say what happens in life cannot always be predicted since time can always change so are humans and even nature.

First, it was Burkina Faso; Africa’s second best just behind Nigeria that crashed out of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, even after winning the first leg with a convincing result against Algeria. The celebration was too wild and wide across Algeria with even some lost of souls in the midst of celebration.

Secondly, while discussing with a good friend who invited me for lunch today even with my very tight schedule, he told me that “what is meant to be must be” is one of his strongest slogan or watchword. According to his story, he had been a very good artist in his teen and had enrolled in one prestigious arts school around, but his uncle who had did the same art studies in New York, flew all the way to the UK to persuade him to abandon the course. He followed his uncle advice that only few art graduates were actually making a better life from the trade then.   But looking at the level of the industry today almost seven decades when he had abandoned his dream course, he told me that he must have missed a lucrative career with his gifted talent in painting. However, he told me that he has no regret of the past and still holds it strongly that what is supposed to be must be.

Rooney’s villain turns valiant

Back home I tried to watch the Manchester United versus Cardiff City very exciting encounter, which Wayne Rooney who was supposed to be sent off for a rough tackle on an opponent ended up scoring the first goal and even clearing a goal line ball for his team. How Rooney stayed on the pitch after the incident, which was not far from the referee’s sight, remains a mystery. Even though most tele-viewers including myself saw the tackle as that punishable with a red card, the referee surprising handed him just a pitiable yellow to everyone’s shock.  As it turned out, although Manchester United were poised to snatched the three points from Wales to better their ranking on the English Premier League it was a keen substitute for Cardiff City, Kim who pulled the rope off their legs leaving both side to share a point each after an enthralling 2 – 2 tie.


Today is me, tomorrow is you

If football is not your sport, and you happened to have watched the X Factor this evening, the bottom two contesters – Hannah Barrett and Rough Copy were the shockers of the entire show. Although Hannah Barrett has been the favourite for those who can identify raw talent and a singer who can sell records and make fame, she received fewer votes from the public for the third time before being sent packing home by the very judges who have glorified and moulded her to win the show this year. Only 17, Hannah surely still has a big future ahead of her, and her turn would come.

Overall, what I’m trying to say here is that do not always expect good things to come your way or happen as you wanted. And if the oppose is instead true, don’t kick yourself, embrace it, and your time and turn would come .Don’t give up and don’t let yourself down.

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