I’m back; I’m Eto’o [Air-Toe]

06 Nov

Hello, hi there!

I’m sure you watched this evening’s Champions League match between German side Schalke 04 and my new club, Chelsea FC, which I scored twice as we won 3 – 0 at Stamford Bridge London.


I’m enjoying every moment with the Blues

If you never, you’d still have another chance to watch more of my games and stunning, tricky goals if I’m given the place to play.

Yes, play I said, since my team has many great players and it’s the choice of our master, boss to decide who has to play.

Since I moved over here in London, my critics said I was finished, too old to play, I’ll not make any difference, and you can say more….

Anyway, a great player remains one, no matter wherever he plays and under whichever manager in whatever tournament.

I am not telling you that I am great, but I’m saying that the great player is the one who scores the great goals just when the team, desperately need them, and of course in great style.

It took me long to be on the score sheet for Chelsea as well as to celebrate my first goal in the English Premier League, but I did finally as my games have continued to get better.


It’s team work guys, let’s celebrate

Tonight, it was another great opportunity to give something different for the fans, including you to, celebrate and talk about.

First, I anticipated Schalke’s keeper Timo Hildebrand was going to take the goal kick without bothering to check if anyone was going to come for the ball or attack.

Being a professional, I know no chance is wasted in front of the goal, and the rebound from the poor keeper went straight into his own net.

What about my second of the night?

Great, isn’t it? But you shouldn’t doubt my quality and my personal record in the UEFA Champions League, where I have scored some screamers and thrillers.

As I said earlier, I’m back in my form, pace and game – expect more and keep supporting me as well as Chelsea and my man, only great one, Jose Mourinho.

You can call me again Samuel Eto’o Fils, I’m from Cameroon.

Cheers and bye for now!

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