Stop illegal migrants, save lives

03 Nov


Niger’s government has taken the drastic move to close down all clandestine camps and agencies after 92 bodies were found and believed to have died of dehydration and hunger in the Sahara desert in attempt to cross over to Algeria.

While the European Union is still debating on ways to content, contain and constraint the influx of migrants, especially from Africa, African government must also wake up and try to save the lives of most of their citizens who still strongly hold that better life is only in Europe.

The endeavours by Niger to pursue illegitimate traffickers as well as arrest migrants are enough warning that African leaders should not ignore or refuse to acknowledge the problems causing many to flee abroad.

If these citizens are fleeing daily because they have lost hope of making ends meet at home, then it is the duty of the government of each African state to initiate reforms that would dissuade migration by creating more opportunities and jobs.

If life is better in Europe really as these migrants think, then it is simply because the people and governments had work hard for hundreds of year to develop and sustain their countries and to provide the atmosphere for opportunities and competitions.

However, with the global crisis still lingering around, Europe is far from being the place to make easily life and find feet without any stress or hassle.

Hard times for immigrants

It is difficult or impossible to convince these migrants, especially those still waiting to cross from Africa by any means to Europe that EU citizens are also constantly migrating from one country to another in search for jobs and a better future.

With thousands of EU citizens in addition to legal immigrants from different parts of the world chasing fewer job opportunities, the local or host government continues to struggle to provide enough assistance for everyone.

Those that cannot find a job and ways to live while waiting to get a job are, therefore, forced to move to another country, as the migration cycle of in-and-out migrants continues.

Gone are the days when getting the paperwork was the major stumbling blocks of landing a job, just any job, across Europe.

Even with the necessary work permit and qualification, there is no guarantee of getting the well-paid jobs nowadays as the competition for competence from other applicants is too high to match up.

However, it does means that immigrants can hardly make it today in Europe, since they are also some immigrants that are highly talented and possessed rare skills in demand.

But the luck-factor and who you know must not be ruled out in this case – as a rich CV and well written resume are not sufficient to convince any employer to offer the job.

If you happen to find yourself in the UK as an illegal immigrant, trying to get a job without a passport or work permit might even be a trigger to alert the police that you are the “wanted one”.

Before even bothering to offer an interview to assess if the applicant is suitable for the post, the first demand is always the passport or are you legal to work in the UK.

No passport or work permit means the interview has ended before it ever took place, leaving the illegal immigrant in more frustration and agony as what was supposed to be a paradise is now hell.

Promises blind dangers

Most of the victims of clandestine migration in most cases have been conned by some blockheads or greedy blokes who are using their ignorance of the unknown to promise the impossible.


Telling people that they would get a job as soon as they touch foot on European soils is not only gross exaggeration but another way to encourage them to accept any means to travel even when the risks are glaring.

Imagine most of the women who died in the Sahara desert with young kids must have surely been promised well-paid jobs in Algeria and later to Europe in such a way that they have hardly had time to think of the heat, vast sand domes to traverse without water and food.

Obviously, any lovely mother would not want to leave the children behind knowing that bread and butter is already waiting for them in the other side of the world.

Unless these dubious migrant traffickers are spotted and banned like the case of Niger, and African leaders taking the responsibilities to curb migration by actions and not mere words, every incident involving African migrants, is just the beginning of the journey of another group of ignorant dreamers.

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