Take heart, don’t worry

27 Oct


We all have dreams and grand ambitions

We all want to go places, reach new heights

But it’s never smooth all the way through

But the storms would delay, dampen

Our trips, our dreams and leave us in pains, perils

In any case, take heart

A handsome lad will grow with his dreams

So too is a pretty lady, hoping to find love, and a lad.

But, there’s never going to be a rose without thorns

As greedy hawks would come to prey on us

And weeds would dwarf our growth, progress.

Whatever, there’s hope

Hope, faith and love will always rekindle us

Since no amount of tears, weeping and weary

Would bring back a broken bottle – brother too

But at least we still have the courage to carry on.

It is hard to pick up the piercing pieces

It shall be even harder to find the same bottle, brother

But, St Peter left us hope


As the harvest ends, we’ve to plan, plant again

Birds would dig out the seeds, to feed

Weeds would choke out our desirable plants

But we still have the strength to plough the fields.

The joy to see the shoots, the young plants

And the flowers blossom with beauty

And wither and drop leaving behind fruits, food

Is greater than worries and waning

Take heart, courage!

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