Too much love, no love

16 Oct


If there is any symbolic craft I see daily,

It is love, love just everywhere I turn or twist

Yet, it is hard to find love or lovers.

We all seem to talk of love,

We all want to be loved,

And we all wish love was food we can scoff.

Desolately, to say that we all have love,

But prefer hatred, distrust, or loneliness

We don’t care who lives next door

We don’t bother if the person is sick or sound

We really don’t worry if we’re surrounded by

Wolves or angles nowadays!

And yet we all know “love your neighbour as yourself”

Is one of the universal slogans for showing love?

And yet we need love but have love only as decor or camouflage.


Is it hypocritical that we have love, and can’t find love?

Is it idiotic to preach love and practise hatred?

Anyway, I believe that if we can spend fortunes on love decors,

We can as well spend time to love or find love around us

Life is loveable if we spend time to express love

Love is hard to find, if we don’t have love to offer

However, everyone has lots of love to thrive in life

Therefore, it is time to show the love than

Simply having it hanging on the door or on the picture frame

It’s time to prove you love than assume you can love.

Love is what keeps you alive;

Why not share your love with others?

Love you all

Love you always

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