Who cares nowadays!

22 Sep


I care, and I try my best to show I care

Surprisingly, nobody seems to care

Even carers paid to care don’t care.

What’s going on?

Why do people, even loved ones, don’t care?

Why do others pretend to say they care,

When behind they hate you?

Sorry, I don’t have the answers

Surely, you aren’t surprised I don’t

But it doesn’t mean I don’t care at all.

If you care, start by showing you care for yourself

If you rather need care, show that you can as well care

Think of the last time you look at yourself in the mirror,

And said: I think I like what I see

And if you hate what you saw,

Did you do anything to show you care?


Showing you care is taking a responsibility

For yourself and for others

To say you don’t care speak volumes about you

It can mean you’re selfish, individualistic…

It can mean you’re materialistic and egoistic

Caring, is showing affection to others

It’s being sympathetic and empathetic as well.

Caring, means you can be trusted and not teased.

I’m not asking you to care but to show you really care

I’m not asking for your care, but to remind you to care

I’m sure you still can care

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