Trust yourself, help yourself

08 Sep


If there’s a problem, then, there should be a solution. Just as if there is an entrance, we should expect to found an exit somewhere. However, how you find the solution or exit is narrowed down to an issue of personal preference and patience.

To some people, once a problem crops up, what they see first is a wall, an obstacle, which eventually switches off the mind from memorizing a possible solution. In this demoralizing milieu, the option is to seek for help from someone. But, if you’re not lucky to find someone or courageous to talk to someone or even think outside the box, what about yourself – your senses?

You just walked into this dark room, why not use your sight to find a light or feel any object that could lead you to an exit? You just went round that corner trying to locate your new job site, but with the excitement to meet and make new friends you’ve lost your way back to the hotel or the new address. There we go again! I’m lost!

Oh Yes! It happens to anyone, so you can find your way out or back. Ask yourself, your senses these questions: How did I get to this point? For how long did I walk or drive to get here? Can I re-orientate myself to the direction where I came from? What about some features, buildings or signposts I passed on the way? Can I remember or identify some peculiar features, like a golden cross on top of a tabernacle?

I hope you weren’t wearing those over-sized earphones and listening to some loud music, and isolating yourself again from the surrounding world? Sound can take you out of this ordeal, headache or impasse.  Listen to the recorded announcements at the train station, inside the train and in the bus as it stops at each stopover. I believe you’re not that careless to ignore them.

Read me please


Read instructions and if you’re in a haste just follow signs, but be careful not to push your way into the wrong toilet. We’re privileged to be armed with senses that if used rightly can easily take one to a common solution or just to an escape route. To use them when in trouble, first settle down and trust yourself and your nervousness would calm down, subside enabling your brain to search for information recorded in your sub-conscience. Just a pause or a deep breathe, can work out the trick.

Still lost or woolgathering, read the signposts around or as you walk along. What about the information on the bus or train tickets, receipts from the cash machine or even the last shop you lastly visited to buy a drink or snack? Any information on them can give you a clue to a solution or outlet.

Easy, isn’t it?

Trust yourself, don’t panic

There’s always a way, there is a solution around the corner.


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3 responses to “Trust yourself, help yourself

  1. noel evelyne

    September 9, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Beautiful and inspiring as always. You always probe us to think out of the box iggy


    September 9, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    You are right. We can make it.

    • I. Mizuh

      September 9, 2013 at 3:49 pm

      Welcome on board sir. Thanks for your precious time


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