Samuel Eto’o arrives Chelsea, ready for tasks

29 Aug

Here I come, it’s me, Samuel Eto’o

It is not a rumour if you thought so, Cameroon born prodigious, prolific striker, Samuel Eto’o Fils has signed his contract today to play for Chelsea and is ready than ever to stun the world and to prove to Chelsea’s mammoth fans that he is just the right choice at the right time for the right task.

Although it is just a year deal for a meagre £7million, Eto’o is rather not here for the money but rather to reunite with a formal, admired manager, Jose Mourinho and to help him accomplish what he left undone in the club years back.

Eto’o has never played in the English Premier League before, but with his mastering of the game and his instinctive ability to quickly adapt and to understand his teammates; it shall take him little time to get going.

If you want the goals, he is ready to score as many as you give him the opportunity to play at any wing or position and level.

If you are rather interested in enthralling football and the desire to liven up the spirit of the fans as well as the rest of the team, he still has abundant to offer.

Might be you still have doubts that he cannot help Chelsea win another UEFA Champions League title, and even the Barclays Premier League this year, well, be patient, time will tell.

If you still do not know well the man, Eto’o and what he is capable of doing, and what he has done so far and where he is coming from, then, do your homework, research.

Forget age, look at his feats

Joining Chelsea at the time when, its management are itching for results and have been struggling to sign the “wanted players”, like the case of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, the expectations are obviously high.


Nice weather here, I’m loving it

However, Eto’o has been in such a situation before, and being a team leader, he would be open to any option and preference of the manager.

At 32, many critics might argue that the striker is at the end of his playing curve and would struggle to produce the goods or might end up on the reserve bench.

However, it worth saying that Cameroon’s Roger Milla played at the 1994 FIFA Cup in USA at 42, and scored the fastest substitute goal ever at that tournament and remains African greatest football legend.

Eto’o has challenged and created many records so far, thus, critics should not look at his age but rather should glance at his profile, and would not think twice.

It might be hard to explain to anyone that only Eto’o himself that knows better what he still has in his tank and how far he can go, but his results and feats can speak volumes and clear any doubts.


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2 responses to “Samuel Eto’o arrives Chelsea, ready for tasks

  1. Felix

    August 30, 2013 at 9:08 am

    I’m very hungry to see him display,cant wait.
    I now have an opportunity to evaluate his qualities whether he is worth playing in the national team again.Hope he lives up to expectations . I am very convinced when given the opportunity he will deliver, no doubt about that.

    • I. Mizuh

      August 30, 2013 at 2:39 pm

      Your opinion counts. Thanks!


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