Give me a chance

10 Aug


We’re used to condemning people even without knowing them.

Sometimes, our instincts are spot on.

In most cases we’re wide off the mark.

The problem is often that we don’t allow people to talk.

We don’t even take time to study, know someone

We’re always quick to say the person is weak, wicked, and worthless.

Weakness or wickedness is in our mind, perception, and not in the person.

You don’t expect to see a person’s capability without a job offer

You can’t see someone’s character without a chance to say something.

I think, I say think, if we can give people the space to try something or simply speak, we can make great friends and workers from the supposed rejected or worthless lots.

The environment, surrounding and setting can intimidate, shield, people from showing good character or performing well at a task.

By offering a chance, you are opening windows to new friendship and openness, which can change a Saul to Paul or a Judas to Jude.

I am nobody until you give me the opportunity to be somebody.

Give me a chance and I’ll prove what I am worth of or capable of doing.

Give me a chance, and I’ll express my feeling and you’d come to know who I am.

As you can see, you are yet to know me, so don’t condone me, instead condole with me if you still think I am that bad or good-for-nothing.

Let me talk

Let me do it

You’d be surprised with what I can offer or bring into your life or company

I’m not that bad, but with your support I can be the person you want

Give me a change, a hand to rise above the odds

Give me just that chance

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