Zimbabwe’s Mugabe again, unbelievable

05 Aug

I’m tired, but l’m not ready to leave

I have defied so much about writing anything about Zimbabwe’s falling society and living standards, because of one man, Robert Mugabe, but for him to be “supposedly” voted for yet another term of office, I could not hold back my dismay and empathy for fellow Zimbabweans.

The elections may have been free and credible, according to reports from observers from the African Union, which is not my fret, but rather the concern that Mugabe, at 89, would not be mentally fit to deliver the goods or to see anything wrong with his style of governing whitewashed with corruption.

There is an African proverb that says when a hand stays too long at the anus, it shall eventually carry faeces.

Mugabe may have gained acclaimed admiration to have led the fight for freedom that eventually gave Zimbabwe as a nation its independence from the British in 1980.

However, over the years he has tarnished this fame with his addiction to power, and has changed from a national hero, Zimbabwe’s founding father to a national witch hunter or vampire of his own people, especially opponents.

Announcing the date of the 2013 elections within a short period, and playing the roles of player and referee, it would have been a miracle if the table turned against him at the polling stations.

It is too late now for the international community to mediate on the fate of the elections since the trick used this time around must have been tactically too fast to discover, as the Zimbabwe’s oppositions are left again to shade crocodile tears.

If a corpse is never afraid of the grave, then Mugabe knows very well that nobody likes him or bother about him as he is barely playing for time.

With a mentality that he has nothing to lose or to show off again, he has continued to intimidate his own people and even western leaders since he has the powers to push around Zimbabweans more like sheep to any direction.

After effectively turning the tides of the post-election violence in 2009, as well as the economic sanction that reduced Zimbabwe to a banana republic, Mugabe must have developed survival instincts that instead gave him the bravery to employ other sophisticated rigging mechanism to stay in power.

Another vicious suffering

Unfortunately, Zimbabweans would have to go through another period of hardship under the Iron fist rule of Mugabe, who at one time called himself, The Black Hitler.

With the country still struggling to find its bearing after the economic sanction that saw the Zimbabwean dollar devalued to virtually nothing, another sanction as punishment for fraud victory would be more of an economic disaster on the people already suffering.


For how long in this condition!

As usual, it shall be the people; especially the poor that are going to the bear brunt, as Mugabe still surely have enough reserve in his tank to take him to his last destination.

The days of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party are obviously numbered though it has won the majority seats in the parliament, but it shall need a stronger opposition or a breakaway faction from the party to upset the odd in Zimbabwe’s politics after Mugabe.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC seems to have lost it steam and willpower to carry on the fight with constant intimidation and the inability to challenge Mugabe in any election.

Although Morgan Tsvangirai opted for peace after the 2009 post-election violence, which also saw him manhandled, by forming a coalition government with Mugabe, he must have taken his possible chance to win in any subsequent election for granted.

With no time to organise a proper campaign strategy, especially against a political dinosaur like Mugabe, it was obvious that he was going to lose as soon as the elections were scheduled.

Tsvangirai only luck would have been to boycott both parliamentary and presidential elections, thus giving a hard time to Mugabe to go to the polls alone.

With the final results out, and Mugabe declared the winner again, any justice or investigation would be time wasting for MDC as Mugabe would remain an untouchable.

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