You again

03 Aug


To me, to her, to him, or to us

Anyway, I’m just alone here

Yes, it is me, standing here

No, it isn’t me, I’m innocent

I haven’t done anything wrong

I can’t even disturb a sleeping fly

I can’t step on a moving, tiny ant.

You again here

Come on, why do you think it’s always me!

I’m just a stranger, not scavenger

I’m a passenger, not a priest

I’m just the lucky one, the chosen one

I’m sorry, if my presence is a problem

Mind you, I don’t have a dirty mind as you think


You again, this time

It can’t be me, all the time

I know, I can make mistakes like anyone,

But isn’t me this time in time

If you still think it is me, then it’s your fault

You were careless, irresponsible, and just too cold for comfort

You again, I repeat

Eh! I didn’t know you can show affection

Oh! Sorry, I didn’t know you can be that caring,

It’s OK; you can still have her back, and her bag

It’s OK; he is still your hunk, horse to ride

I hope, it won’t be you, next time.

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