Many more months Madiba, Mandela

18 Jul


Although many people, especially foreign journalists have been paying vigils and waiting for the announcement of his passing away, Nelson Mandela, however, today celebrated his 95th birthday, though from the Pretoria Heart Mediclinic Hospital where he is said to be critical but stable.

Taken to the hospital on 8 June, Mandela has been receiving treatment for recurring lung infection as his admirers; especially South Africans continue to pray for his speedy recovery.

Apart from his fans and admirers celebrating his birthday, 18 July has instead been named, Mandela Day, to commemorate his achievement for the promotion of freedom, justice and democracy.

At an advanced age and critically ill, it is unorthodox to say many more years for the Anti-apartheid hero, but many still believe he have months to continue his battle for life.

Just as Mandela, when voted as the first Black president in South Africa, once said that every second is a news event, so too is every second that he lives now is changing someone’s life with his inspiration and hope.

Even in his sick and fragile state, Mandela still commanded respect and admiration, especially for his patience and self-sacrificing effort to succumb to tortures and torments for 27 years in jail just fighting for the freedom of his own people.


As homage for these incredible achievements, the United Nations today marks Nelson Mandela International Day, celebrating his dedication to public service, social justice and reconciliation, inspiring millions around the world.

The UN, through its Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon also commemorated this day backing the call of the Nelson Mandela Foundation for people to Take Action, Inspire Change, to volunteer 67 minutes to helping others by volunteering in a hospital, tutoring a child, providing food for the homeless, or any other community service. 

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