Top sports stars now doping suspects

15 Jul

Asafa Powell

With the latest doping saga involving top, record-breaking  athletes failing anti-doping test for taking performance-enhancing substances, it is hard to believe that any top sports person nowadays has not taken illegal drugs or doped.

It was just a few weeks back, when dethroned king of cycling, Lance Armstrong came out of his shell to say without remorse that there cannot be any winning of Tour de France without doping, then the wind has suddenly changed direction hitting the athletics world with the 2013 World Athletics Championship in Moscow just by the corners.

Yesterday, it was American sprinter Tyson Gay who announced that he had tested positive for a banned substance and has lost his sponsorship with sportswear giant, Adidas.

As if that was not enough bad news for athletics fans worldwide, today it is the shocking announcement of five Jamaican athletes including 100m world superstar Asafa Powell to have taken banned performance-enhancing substance.

Asafa Powell stunned the world when he broke the 10-second barrier in the 100m heat than anyone between 2005 and 2008 before been plagued by injuries and overtaken by his fellow countrymen, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt, who is the current world recorder holder for 100m and 200m.

Powell, 30,  positive test for banned stimulant, Oxilofrine would be a big sabotage for the Jamaica versus USA head-on challenge on the racing track as well as to the reign of superfast Usain Bolt.

Of course, the next question would be if Usain Bolt himself has not taken any of the banned performance-enhancing substance to be where he is today.

It might be too early to think or say that with most top sports men and women coming forwards to reveal that they took banned substances during their best performances or at some stages of their record-breaking results, only time would tell if Usain Bolt is pure or is just a running human machine.

What a shame

With most of these top athletes regarded as models for most would-be athletes, and now caught in the anti-doping medical screening, this would of course, have a psychosomatic impacts on most of these young athletes.


Jamaica remains the best in athletics

Worse still, is that the athletes are very fast to apologise and at the same time trying to clear their names by saying that they have never taken such a substance before or are not cheat or are embarrassed for failing the test.

Lance Armstrong never failed any doping test and went ahead to win seven Tour de France, only to admit later that he took performance-enhancing substances that were concealed in one of the world’s most knotty doping racket.

It shall be hard to believe that these top athletes train every day, but are still tempted to break world records by going an extra mile to take these substances. Why do they do that and what becomes of modern sports and competitions, are hard to postulate as for now.

Unless something is done now through anti-doping screening and global campaigns, fans and enthusiasts of crowd pulling sports would find an easy reason not to bother to watch or spend money to pay tickets to watch cheats and not genuine athletes and sports people competing against each other.

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