Cameroon football in peril, leadership tussle

02 Jun

Iya Mohammed

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon is yet to find its yesteryear’s feet, form and feats as coaches after coaches are recruited and fired indiscriminately leaving the players in limbo.

After interim coach, Jean Paul Akono finally lost his job and is yet to recuperate from the kick in the teeth; it is now the leadership battle at the Cameroon football federation, Fecafoot.

The federation’s current president Iya Mohammed has been suspended from holding any public office and is under investigation for alleged embezzlement and corruption at a state-owned cotton corporation, Sodecoton, which he has been the general manager for donkey years – since 1984.

With Iya on out-of-will resignation, an election is now called for at the federation to fill the vacancy and put the house in order.

Blessed with some of Africa’s and world’s finest footballers like Samuel Eto’o, Assou-Ekotto,  Alex Song, Cameroon football is yet to produce its flair and results in the 1990s as management crisis and recruiting and sacking of head coach have almost become endemic in the national team.

Although the worries now for Fecafoot’s executive members are to vote another president, it won’t be a surprise if Iya is also accused later for embezzlement and mismanagement at the federation.

Voted to head the federation on 11 April 2000, Iya, an economist by profession has successful put off all his rivals and has been re-elected twice, even though he has been running the federation from afar in his base in Garoua, in the North of Cameroon.

Cameroon down Fifa ranking

Although during his three successive mandates, Cameroon football has enjoyed some boom and resounding records, it is also under him that Cameroon football level has descended drastically and lost its place in Fifa’s monthly classifications.


Indomitable Lions, far from impressive

For the May 2013 ranking, Cameroon dropped to 62 behind Equatorial Guinea at 61, as Ghana, maintained its crown as Africa’s best ahead of Mali at 22 and African Champions, The Super Eagles of Nigeria at the 28th position.

Although elections are expected to be held this month without any fixed date announced, Iya, 58 was actually at the end of his third term tenure after he was elected again in 2009.

With Iya, prevented by law not to hold any public role, the first vice president, John Ndeh is supposed to assume office as the acting president, until an election is organised to vote in a new leader at the head of Fecafoot.

Whosoever becomes the next president after Iya would have a demanding task to put Cameroon football again on the winning rail or track, starting by ensuring that Cameroon qualifies for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil after it had a dismal outing in South Africa three years ago.

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