Boko Haram’s threat must not be taken lightly

31 May

As often the case, we, the children are the victims

As the Nigerian military continues it mass campaign to flush out militants of the hard-core Islamist group Boko Haram from northern Nigeria, Abubakar Shekau, one of the group’s leaders has instead declared that the Nigerian army had been pushed back in many confrontations.

If that is the case, the government of President Goodluck Jonathan must not underestimate the threat this insurgents are posing to his reign and the entire country.

The rebellion stirred up by the insurgents that have orchestrated multiple attacks across the region so far has left over 2000 deaths and hundreds wounded and displaced.

From pocket groups of Islamist jihadists attempting to impose Sharia laws in the predominantly northern region of Nigeria, it has now grown into full force insurgent groups carrying out attacks with sophisticated weapons afar to Abuja and Lagos.

With foreign fighters or escapee jihadists believed to be involved and are using heavy power weaponry, Boko Haram has now proven that it is fighting a guerrilla war that would sooner or later become too complex to thwart or disband.

The release of the latest Boko Haram’s video obtained by AFP coincided with the unearthing of a hidden cache of weapons said to belong to Lebanese group Hezbollah.

With the praiseworthy discovery in Kano, one of the areas of operation of Boko Haram, it is apparently easy to say the weapons actually belong to the group.

However, it is yet uncleared, if the weapons were a fresh supply to Boko Haram also known to have links with Al Qaeda or if the group knew anything to do with the armoury or the aim for which they were brought into Nigeria.

In another perspective, if such a huge quantity of weaponry could be successfully smuggled into Nigeria, it is evident that Boko Haram’s strength and reinforcement all come from abroad, which makes it even more complex to defeat the group.

The Nigerian military have the forces and manpower to win the fight on the ground all that is needed is simply the approach to apply and conquer the insurgents.

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