Cameroon’s Akono pushing it too far

16 May


Barely a fortnight after being sidelined with the scout for another coach, interim coach of Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions, Jean Paul Akono has again spoiled the pudding before the eating.

Instead of trying to win back the confidence of his recruiters or bosses to secure the job permanently, he has hurryingly published the list of pre-selected players even when his fate as a head coach is unguaranteed.

Without considering the fact that he has or almost lost his job, by asking for a heavy pay package, Akono controversial list of players is said to be for a friendly and  two World Cup qualifier matches next month.

Since the Ministry of Sports advertised the post of a head coach, then Akono came out of the woodwork to express his anger, and refused to file in his own application for the job, it was clear-cut evidence that he has lost his authority as the interim coach.

To take the bold step, by bypassing the ministry, to publish a list of players to be called up for camping is as if, he is imposing himself as the “untouchable” coach at the moment.

If the Cameroon football federation, Fecafoot says Akono’s list is invalid, then he must surely have been ruled out for the luxurious position.

Fecafoot doesn’t recruit coaches, but are oblige to work with them once appointed or recruited by the Ministry of Sports that equally pays the salaries.

For Akono to safeguard his job, he has to cooperate with the federation and also to produce the results.

Experienced coach, bad advisers

Across Cameroon, nobody doubts Akono’s personal profile as a football expert with high esteem and achievement.

Although he has not made any great success with the Indomitable Lions in his previous sojourns as coach, he can at least fly his own kite to be the first coach from Africa to have led Cameroon to win the Olympic Games gold medal in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

A former player of the national team, Akono has the savoir-faire to turn round the tables, especially at the time when Cameroon football has been on the downturn.

However, he seems to be losing his head or is being robot-controlled by some greedy mates or friends who are anxious to benefit from his earnings and careless about his job or career.

There is no doubt that he is still the man, just right for the post, but he must transmute his absurd attitude and wait for bureaucratic duty to be fulfilled as well as respect his bosses and working partners.

There is no need creating grudges with individuals because he desperately needs the job, since, whether he finally lands a permanent contract or not, it is obvious that when another foreign coach is sacked, he would always be called up to fill the vacancy.

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