Wade’s supporters demand Karim’s release

24 Apr

Supporters want Karim out of prison

Over 2000 political militants of Parti Democratique Senegalaise, PDS, of former President Abdoulaye Wade matched yesterday through the streets of Dakar demanding the release of Karim Wade.

The protest took place barely a week after Karim was arrested and charged of corruption and the accumulation of inexplicable fortune said to be over 1 billion USD.

Without any incident or confrontation with the forces of law and order, the militants flagging the photos of former president Wade, his son, and messages on placards and banners headed towards, Rebeuss, the main prison in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, where Karim is believed to be detained.

While some militants considered his detention as politically motivated and baseless, others believed the arrest is simply an act of score settling and jealousy by the government of President Macky Sall.


President Macky Sall

Since taking oath of office, President Sall, 50, has indulged in sleeping reforms including a campaign to investigate members of the former government of Wade, with Karim Wade being the prime suspect.

Karim in cage

Although all the alleged charges labelled against Karim are yet to be proven in court, it is hard to say that he would successfully prove not guilty for all.

As former minister of the luxurious ministries of infrastructure and air transport and his current amassed worth, at the time when most governments are struggling to cut budgets to save funds, Karim would find it hard to escape.

Karim case could equally pull in his father Abdoulaye to take responsibility marking matter even worse for the Wade’s dynasty.


Karim Wade still in detention

Karim, 44, is also being investigated in France following complaint raised by the government of Senegal.

Senegal remains one of the models of African democracy and could score more points by setting the example that nobody is above the laws as far the state’s funds are concerned.

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