Margaret Thatcher rest in Peace or Shame

18 Apr


Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher who died recent of stroke was finally laid to rest amid controversy and divide just as her tenure as Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

In her funeral hundreds attended to duly pay their last respects, while others travelled far and near to publicly vent their last anger or rancour.

Although she was given a state funeral her supporters as well as detractors stole the show.

In another twist to the controversial figure which Thatcher was, both her friends as well as foes were invited to the state reception after the funeral at the City of London’s Guildhall.

However to avoid any clashes or the unexpected, security was so tight as over 40,000 police officers were deployed leaving no room for deviants to mar the solemn ceremony as the funeral cortege moved through Central London.

As a common phenomenon in the UK, some defiant anti-Thatcher protesters still managed to exchange bitter words with her sympathizers.


Others displaced their anger on placards with words or provocative images.

“Rest in Shame”, “Thatcher the Milk Snatcher”,   were some of the eye-catching posters from her critics or enemies.

Pro-Thatcher sympathizers or Thatcherites counteracted with banners such as “But we loved her”, “Our Greatest PM”.

The Iron Lady of all times

Thatcher, who died at 87, was the first woman ever to become Prime Minister in 1979 under the Conservative party.

Although she always kept the people at home talking or debating over her reforms or governance, she was regarded with great esteem abroad, especially in the United States and Russia under Mikhail Gorbachev.


In power for 11 years, Thatcher divided public opinion in the UK as well as the world over, especially when Britain occupied the Falkland peninsula which Argentina claim ownership till date.

When Britain won the war, her popularity and governance become renowned. Often described as the Iron Lady, Thatcher brought in lots of changes to the British political system.

Although she won three conservative elections to stay in power, she was finally forced to resign in 1990 – an ending which she revealed later was regrettable since it wasn’t by an election or of her will, but that of political pressure from the party.



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  1. juliennestarcy

    April 18, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Rest in Perfect Peace Iron Lady.


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