Miraculous Malala merits more

11 Feb

ImageMiraculous Malala merits more

Joy overwhelmed anyone that prayed for Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban for promoting education of girls. When she spoke for the first time to the public before she underwent a surgery on her skull and ear that beaming desire to carry on the fight could still be seen in her eyes. Though just 15, Malala has won millions of hearts worldwide for her defiant fight to ensure that the underprivileged and restricted Pakistani children have right to education. After thanking everyone that prayed and supported her speedy recovery, Malala said she was living a second life and wanted to serve the people by continuing her cause. Her dream has already nestled with the creation of a Malala Fund. The charity has been set to support her campaign for the right to education for children, especially that of the girl child across the world.

It takes courage for a teenage activist to take the pleas of a group, especially that of the girl child to the international community – a global concern. The schoolgirl believes that the future of these children rest in their right to education. This without doubt, is the reason she defied the ruthless Taliban even at the risk of scarifying her own life. Education in her vision is the only way through which someone can see and interpret the world since it opens a window to the world to all.

With reference to education according to the United Nations Organisation, the UN, all children – boys and girls alike – need an education since it is their right and, for most, their way out of extreme poverty. The right to education is one of the rights listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, we must all in one way or the other ensure that the children in Pakistan just like those in Afghanistan enjoy this basic right. Unless something is done, they will be left behind in darkness, and will never know anything about life outside Pakistan or Afghanistan. Therefore, by supporting the Malala Fund is helping to educate future leaders and preparing a better future for all.

Educate a girl, educating a nation

Malala, miraculous recuperation is also a quest for concern and action on what the children in that part of the world are going through. According to the UN, when you educate a girl child, you educate a family, and when you educate a family, you educate a nation. Malala has just proven that to us. She remains our model because she was not just interested about her own education and future but about those of other children.

Famous across Pakistan, Malala is admired for her bravery to expose the atrocities committed by Taliban and also for advocating for girl’s education in a country embroiled by religious extremism.  She has equally brought forth the problem of Pakistan in particular and that of most developing countries, where children spend more time helping their families to get bread rather than go to school. In India and most part of Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia where poverty is widespread, tradition, child labour and early marriage deter many girls under the age of 14 from going to school.

Here, according to recent UN report, educating a girl dramatically reduces infant mortality. Furthermore, educated girls are likely to marry later and have fewer children, who in turn will be more likely to survive and better nourished and educated. Educated girls, the report reveals, are more productive at home, better paid at workplace and are more able to participate in social economic and political decision-making, which in turn makes countries and people more prosperous and developed.

Even widow’s mite makes difference

Malala has also made us to understand that during a conflict, like the one in Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan the real victims are children. During a conflict generations of kids and young people miss out on a stable home, childhoods and school. They are either deprived of education by the hostile environment in which they are trapped or by awkward laws imposed by some unorthodox Muslim clerics and their followers. Although it has been thanks to the incredible work of medical experts in Pakistan and the UK that Malala has survived the Taliban shooting, more kudos goes to education. These medical doctors, surgeons and nurses had spent many years to acquire the knowledge they use to save lives. Malala is not just a testimony of the wonderful work these medical experts do every day, but a lesson to any individual or group that bans education for selfish reasons.

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